Idea Fab Labs is like a gym for high-tech and traditional tools. View our membership offerings below and use IFL for your own projects or business. Once you have decided what level of membership you want, the next step is to RSVP for New Member Orientation, held each Monday at 7 pm. You may subscribe to a membership plan either before or after you receive an orientation.

Membership Levels

Four levels of membership are available: Makerspace Membership, Fabrication Membership, Pro Membership, and Child w/ Adult Membership.

Makerspace Membership

  • Access to Idea Fab Labs facility from 7am to midnight each day.
  • Wireless Internet.
  • Computer Station access.
  • Hand Tools, Screen Printing Zone, Audio Zone, Jewelry, Leather & Textiles Zone, and Electronics Zone.

Monthly: $30 every 30 days
Quarterly: $80 every 90 days

Fabrication Membership

  • Includes Makerspace access.
  • Laser Zone, 3D Printing Zone, Woodshop, and Digital Embroidery Machine.
  • 4 hours of reservable time per week on the Digital Fabrication tools and workstations (excluding CNC Shopbot).
  • Drop-in Access to Fabrication Tools.

Monthly: $75 every 30 days
Quarterly: $200 every 90 days

Pro Membership

Monthly: $100 every 30 days
Quarterly: $270 every 90 days

Pro Membership Upgrade:

$100 per month 

  • Pro members only
  • 4 additional hours of reservable time per week on all fabrication tools.
  • For a total cost of $200 per month, Pro Membership plus the upgrade gives you a total of 12 hrs per week of reservable time.

To purchase the “Pro Membership Upgrade” contact us directly.

Child w/ Adult Membership (Any age accompanied by Parent or Guardian)

$30 per month per child in addition to parent’s membership.

  • Child must be accompanied by parent at all times
  • Child gets same tool access as parent

Sign up for a membership level above and contact us about adding a child onto your account.

The Fab & Pro Membership Equipment Usage Details:

Fab Members are allowed a certain amount of time per week that they can reserve ahead of time on the equipment calendars. Reservations may not be submitted less than two hours before the reserved usage time.

In addition to reserved time, Fab Members also get Drop-In Access to digital fabrication tools and workstations when they are not in use. Drop-In Access means you can use the equipment if no one has reserved it or if there is a “no-show”. If another member doesn’t show up for their reservation, the equipment becomes available for Drop-In Access 15 minutes after the reservation began.

We also have a Volunteer Team Opportunity Program to offset the price of your membership.


All membership levels require 30 days notice prior to desired cancellation day. Membership fees incurred during that period will not be refunded.