If you are interested in becoming a member please RSVP for an orientation. You may subscribe to a membership plan either before or after you receive an orientation.

Membership Levels

Three levels of membership are available: Hackerspace Membership, Basic Fabber Membership and Pro Fabber Membership.

Access to basic tools
Electronics Workstation
Jewelry & Leather Workstation
Keycard Entry
Wood Shop-
Classes & Workshops10% discount (except materials)25% discount (except materials)Free (except materials)
Safety & Basic Use ClassesFreeFreeFree
Reservable Time on Laser Cutter & 3D Printer-4 hours reservation time a week8 hours reservation time a week
Drop in Use of Laser Cutter & 3D Printer-UnlimitedUnlimited
Materials Discount-none5%
Access Limitations7-12am7am-12am7am-12am
Quarterly - Save 10%!$80$200$270

Select a price to subscribe to that membership plan.

The Fabber Membership’s Fine Print:

Fabber Members are allowed a certain amount of time per week that they can reserve ahead of time on the equipment calendars. Time slots on the equipment come in 2 hour increments (example: 1pm-3pm, 3pm-5pm and so on). In addition to reserved time, Fabber Members also get Drop-In access. Drop-In access means you can use the equipment if no one has reserved it or if there is a no-show. If another member doesn’t show up for their reservation, the equipment becomes available for Drop-In access 15 minutes after the reservation began.

Open hours & tours for prospective members are held each Thursday from 6pm-9pm. It’s usually best to call or email if you are planning to stop by. You can also leave an interest inquiry.

We also have a Volunteer Opportunity Program to offset the price of your membership.

We will soon be offering a Youth Membership! Fill out our quick Youth Membership Survey.