Gallery Exhibitions

Altars of the Elements – Johnny Dutro

Emanations Within – Hector Cosio

Hypnotheque – Schuyler Willis

Abracadabra - the works of Rosemary Widmann

Abracadabra ft. Rosemary Widmann

Sentience - The works of Ty Andre Mendoza

Sentience ft. Ty Andre Mendoza

Idea Fab Labs The Vanishing Point

The Vanishing Point ft. Erin Banwell

Idea Fab Labs David Cedeno Saturday, December 13th-4x6

Transpositions ft. David Cedeño


MONCA Exhibit: Kyle Campbell, Jacob Troester, & Mallory Russell


Myriad Wonder ft. Johnny Dutro

Breedlove in the gallery.

Digital Seed ft. Christopher Breedlove


Scientia Truncatis ft. Daniel Devas


Somnambulism, Noctambulism and The Parasomnia Experience ft. Erin Banwell


3D Exploration ft. Dave Seied