The Laser Zone

  • Brief Explanation: With the powerhouse of the laser, burning, engraving and etching are techniques used for imprinting on your materials at a 18″x24″ bed.
  • How it works: It uses a focused beam of light to burn through wood or other materials. It can cut all the way through or just engrave the surface. It is really good at small detailed cuts and engravings.
  • What it makes: It is used to make engravings of photos or images, signs, boxes, and more.
    A CO2 laser can cut and engrave wood, leather, some plastics, cotton, paper, even bread! It is not strong enough to cut glass or metal.
    Whatever you decide to cut or engrave is sent from this computer over to the laser, similar to a regular inkjet printer.

Equipment List:

  • Universal Laser Systems V460 45 watt 24 inch by 18 inch laser engraver/cutter
  • Red Sail 60 watt 19.5 inch by 27 inch laser engraver/cutter