Sentience – The works of Ty Andre Mendoza

Sentience Show Flier

For this experience, long-time Fab Lab staffer Ty Andre Mendoza has used his familiarity with laser-cutting as a jumping-off point, taking his personal style of unique geometric creations to new intricate depths. Each piece starts as a simple hand-drawn shape or design, inspiring itself to be pushed further into being. Once pulled into digital existence, this thought continues to grow, its body then carved out from wood and tangible materials via the laser cutter and CNC router. From there, rich wooden inlays and crushed stone layers breathe an earthly essence into the pieces. Evolving toward finality, color and lighting are bestowed in a manner appropriate to the soul of each work. In the end, what stands is a story spoken in one word. A feeling to be seen.

Ty Mendoza’s exhibit was held on December 19, 2015.

DOZA Origin I

DOZA Origin II


Solstice Frost

Visions of Violet


Sweet Medicine for Your Life

Sweet Medicine for Your Life

Where the Light Dwells

Transmission of Change

Encoded Light//To The Center

Rite of Passage//Growth

Roots in Trust

Seeing It Through



Esoteric Embellish

Energy Emitting Vortice